Ready for winter?


With snow bearing down on our northern neighbors, combines starting to see the last work of 2014 and Christmas decorations out in the stores, the winter season is fast approaching.

I still have chores to do outside, and I hope to get them accomplished before I’m hanging Christmas lights in sub-zero temperatures.

This time of year always catches me off guard. Not because I know that sooner or later the ground will freeze, and we’ll be shoveling snow instead of raking leaves, but because the shorter days and colder nights can sap my energy reserves and leave me thinking that there will be “plenty of time” to complete my to-do list. And, inevitably, I will be rolling up frozen hoses.

But a major to-do list item is first on the list, and is an imperative: get my winterization done. For you, that means having combines and machinery winterized before going into storage, and ensuring that the equipment you will need over the winter months is ready to go.

Are you ready?

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