Get Real-time Weather, Market Information, and Grain Trading on Mobile Devices


DuPont Pioneer, the agricultural seed unit of DuPont, announced recently that it is working with DTN/The Progressive Farmer, a farming news source, to provide mobile weather and market information to farmers, along with new grain-trading capabilities. Farmers can access the service, Ag Online Professional, on mobile devices.

The companies describe the service as “a reliable, real-time solution that is constantly updated, organized and easy to use. It provides fast access to the information and tools you need, online or on the go, with your smartphone or iPad.” They say it can help farmers to get more out of marketing strategies, stay ahead of weather-related threats and opportunities, and run their businesses more strategically.

“Our customers are running small businesses. Production in the field is really important, as well as the business side. So this is just another step to being able to address key needs,” Joe Foresman, DuPont Pioneer director of services, told

According to the report, customers will have access to an exclusive network of weather stations, including those positioned on growers’ farms, for real-time local information, as well as environmental conditions in other regions and forecast data. DTN/The Progressive Farmer is partners with Dow Jones, Associated Press, and CME Group. It is owned by the French multinational energy company, Schneider Electric SA.
DuPont and DTN will also combine their technologies to offer farmers electronic grain trading capabilities, according to officials from both companies.

Other global agricultural companies are, or will be, offering similar services. In November, Monsanto purchased The Climate Corp., a weather data and modeling technology company, and in 2012, they purchased Precision Planting Inc., a provider of monitoring systems, germination systems, and simulation tools.

Omaha, Nebraska-based DTN provides real-time weather, agricultural, and commodity market information for subscribers, including farmers and commodities and futures traders.