Scrambling to see what’s new


Farm shows can always be a lot of work, especially if it is your task to search out all the new products and services. And to be sure, a lot of the buzz centers around the new iron that is parked on the lots.

Judging by all the rollouts ahead of the Farm Progress Show, there is certainly a lot to see. And if you are in the market for some new equipment, there are some great new offerings to tempt your checkbook.

Of course, today’s farm shows aren’t all about equipment. From the drone technology to the latest software programs, “new” is screaming at you from every show tent and booth.

But there are only so many hours during the show, and only so many streets you can cover. So what do you do? I, for one, have brought technology to the rescue. Instead of loading myself down with brochures and flyers, I enlist my smartphone to help my memory.

I’ve started taking photos of products, taking a snapshot of a business card and web site address, and even making a voice memo as a reminder. It sure cuts down on the clutter at home, and allows me time for more research when I get home.

What are your tricks for gathering information at farm shows?

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