Solve Storage Space Shortage with Custom Buildings


Farm equipment is getting bigger, and some farmers find they’ve outgrown their equipment storage capacity. Putting up a new building is a solution, and for farmers who want custom options, Lester Buildings ( specializes in unique designs.

The company offers a five-step recommended process:

  1. Design floor plan
  2. Choose building options
  3. Select colors
  4. Price your building
  5. Find financing

One of the first questions a farmer might have is how big the new building should be. Lester Buildings recommends working with a local representative to determine the best choice. The dimensions listed below are for standard designs; however, they can be exceeded for custom designs.

  • Minimum width: 12 feet
  • Minimum length: 20 feet
  • Minimum height: 7 feet (They can build roof systems as low as 1-foot, to be placed on concrete blocks.)
  • Maximum width: 120 feet (They can build wider depending on other aspects of the building.)
  • Maximum length: Unlimited
  • Maximum height: 24 feet

According to the company, “every aspect of our buildings addresses the unique needs of today’s producers”:

  • Work flow: meticulous, custom design for maximum efficiency
  • Strength: tested materials and top-notch construction
  • Weather loads: precise engineering to snow and wind loads
  • Clearance: Power Pivot™ Hydraulic Door accommodates the biggest machinery

Post-frame buildings offer incredible flexibility. A farmer can incorporate as many options and accessories as he/she wishes. Vary roof pitch or style, opt for virtually any exterior sheathing materials, and choose from a nearly limitless color palate, according to the company.

What about price?

All planning, pricing and construction services are provided by a local Lester dealer or Lester representative. Location introduces a number of variables that affect pricing. For example, every county has its own rating for wind load and snow load that a building must withstand. All Lester Buildings are designed and engineered to meet (or exceed) those ratings. Therefore, the design will vary per county, which, in turn, varies the pricing. Additionally, prices vary according to options chosen. Prices are updated monthly to accurately reflect material and labor costs.

To set up an appointment with a Lester dealer/rep, call 800-826-4439 or click here.