Speeding toward fall harvest


Once again, I’ve blinked, and we’re rapidly heading toward fall. While I know the weather says it’s still summer, the calendar doesn’t lie, and neither does my inbox. The invitations to the fall farm shows are now coming in at a steady clip, just as I was getting used to July being on the calendar.

I always find this time of year to really be a tricky one. The long hours of daylight have you wanting to do more, yet you also need to strike some sort of balance and actually ENJOY this time of year. And still, August rolls around and there’s much left to do, and the crops aren’t going to slow down. Soon, the combines will be rolling through corn and soybeans.

This year, I did make a more concerted plan to be ready for the fall (at least in my job). I made a plan, wrote it down, and despite a few hiccups and roadblocks thrown my way, I’ve done a pretty good job of sticking to the schedule. While the next few weeks will be busy, there are no lingering long-term projects to come back and haunt me.

Are you ready? Those long-awaited maintenance needs for that fall equipment don’t get done on their own, and I know that you don’t want to be in the shop when harvest is here.

Yes, I do sound like a broken record when it comes to making plans and preparing when it comes to equipment maintenance. But there are a few things worth repeating again and again.

Got some thunderstorms moving through that will keep you under shelter for an afternoon? Run through your equipment checklist. Need to drive to town for some parts? Have you checked your on-farm inventory of the consumable items that you may need?

And be sure to take a break and spend quality time with friends and family. Working is important, but it’s not the only thing. A refresh of the mind and body is always important, especially when the long days of harvest are near.

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