Better Data Means a Stronger Farm

As the farming industry matures and as farms consolidate, many professional farms are seeking to run their businesses more effi­ciently and profitably. To do so, farms are adopting tools and techniques used for years in other industries.

In July 2014, Granular launched an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that helps the farming community manage the entire farming cycle from planning to harvest. Professional farms, like Silent Shade Planting Company, already see the benefits of using Granular’s system for efficient management and to make better decisions with operational data. More and more professional farms are using software like Granular’s to run their business; many in the agricultural industry expect broad adoption of ERPs by farms in the next one to three years.

Efficient Farm Management Software

Family-owned, managed, and operated Silent Shade uses software for efficient farming operations. To keep the farm running efficiently, the six-person management team uses a number of software packages for agronomics, opera­tions, imagery, financial management, and dirt moving. While Jeremy Jack, a partner in Silent Shade Planting Company, finds the various soft­ware products critical to his business, one of the farm’s challenges is the lack of communi­cation and data sharing between the dispa­rate products.

Jack recognized that software that integrated the different aspects of running a farm could help Silent Shade become even more effi­cient, improve the farm’s bottom line, decrease waste, and allow the company to use resources the best way possible. Silent Shade turned to Granular’s ERP system built for agriculture to help the business run more smoothly.

As farms operate more like other businesses, they are looking to tools like Granular’s to assist them.

In multiple industries, ERP systems help companies operate more efficiently and effectively, with more information through the entire business cycle. In agriculture, Granular’s ERP system helps farming busi­nesses plan, track, and analyze their business throughout the farming cycle, from planning and planting to harvesting and selling.

Granular is still building out its software, but the initial release includes the major compo­nents required to help run farms more effi­ciently and enable the management team to make better business decisions. The software provides planning tools that allow farmers to create crop plans, and automatically gener­ates schedules, inventory lists, and budgets. Granular also offers daily team management, allowing staff to be more efficient in getting work done. When harvest time rolls around, farmers can manage harvests and inventory, all the way from assigning combines to a field to hauling to a customer.

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