Technology keeping it on the straight and narrow


Of course, operating farm machinery is a key part of any operation. It’s gotten much easier with the advent of GPS and auto-steering technologies, but today it’s pretty easy to have perfectly straight rows of corn with little to no overlap.

But today’s farming involves much more than simply driving a tractor or combine. With the plethora of data that can be collected in just about every operation, the simple management of that data has become paramount.

It’s not that much different in any business today. Grocery stores can track user purchases that let them know immediately if a product is low in stock or should be put on sale. Heck, ever searched for something on the Internet and have an ad for that product show up on your next page? It’s all data being tracked and managed.

Farming isn’t any different. I’m constantly amazed at the number of seminars or workshops I attend that have more to do about managing data than managing crops. Growing crops will always be important, but managing data will be paramount. This article highlights producers who are doing just that: managing data to be more efficient, more productive and more profitable.

It’s a very interesting read on how technology has taken a foothold and will be a key driver for producers.

How are you managing data?

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