Technology is replacing big iron


It’s been a reoccurring theme for several blogs over the years: how technology continues to help advance agricultural production. And while at any farm show you will get a good dose of new iron, this year’s Agritechnica show in Hannover, Germany, brought out the technology in droves.

As I continue to pore over my notes and review new products, I remain in awe of the advancements that await producers. From air seeders that can “count” seeds with near-perfect accuracy, to sensors that monitor crops with detailed and precise data, to software programs that allow producers to manage their entire farming operation from their smartphone; it was all there on display.

There are some good product galleries available online at Farm Industry News, and if you’re looking to fill out your holiday gift list it might be a good place to start.

The takeaway from the show, for me, was that producers will continue to be supplied with products and services to help them manage their farm better, whether it be operating their machinery more efficiently, monitoring crop growth more closely, managing their farm machinery more efficiently; you name it, there’s a product that is either on the market or will be here soon.

For a machinery guy, it’s hard to consider that the “wow” factor may be a smartphone app and not a new tractor or combine. But it is true that not all great things come in a big package.

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