TeeJet App Simplifies Sprayer Selection


Farmers apply a variety of liquid treatments to their crops, and how they are applied matters. Without the correct type of spray, the product won’t work as well or might even cause damage.

For example, according to nozzle manufacturer TeeJet Technologies (www.teejet.com), basic liquid fertilizer applications require a nozzle that produces a solid stream. But if you are growing apples or wine grapes, a specialty nozzle might be required. And what about cleaning out a tank after treating a field? TeeJet makes a nozzle that sprays in a circular pattern to ensure efficient and effective cleaning. The company also makes nozzles for broadcast spraying, boomless spraying and banding spraying.

Choosing the right nozzle for a specific application can be confusing, but TeeJet has simplified the process with SpraySelect, a smartphone app for Android and Apple devices.

TS_2013_01_SprayersAccording to the company, SpraySelect allows users to quickly and easily choose the proper tip for an application. The farmer punches in speed, spacing and target rate and then selects desired droplet size category. A list of tip recommendations is provided. U.S. and metric units are supported, along with six languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Russian. Click here for more information.

Here are some reviews from the Apple iTunes Store:

Best Nozzle App Around
by Stunx14
Great app. Simple to use, handy when working around the farm or in the field. Give it a try!

by Ghhdasfj
Great app, very easy to use. Tip selection made easy!

by GA Spray Tech
Every farmer, golf superintendent, chemical rep, weed scientist, agronomist, crop consultant, and sprayer operator should use this app! It not only picks the right size spray tip for a given speed, rate, and tip spacing, but you can select from 8 different droplet size classifications and it will recommend the type of tip that is designed to deliver your desired droplet size! Thanks TeeJet!



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