There’s dry, then there’s really dry


Sure, we’ve all heard about the drought in the western U.S., and how farming is really under pressure due to the curtailing of irrigation water. But through a professional ag journalist group I belong to, I am also hearing first-hand how farmers in areas of Australia are suffering in a severe drought.

Livestock is dying, grassland is dried up and even entire communities are being forced to move as some areas are in a severe drought that’s lasted more than two years.

For more background on what’s been happening in Australia, here are a couple of articles: “Is drought becoming the new normal for Australia,” and “Drought-hit Australian town faces evacuation.”

It’s truly heartbreaking to watch, no matter what part of the world you are located. Farming can be cruel sometimes, when rainfall necessary for animals and crops just doesn’t come.

Through this organization, I will be traveling to Australia and New Zealand to tour farming operations in those countries. It’s another opportunity to see something beyond the gate. I will be sharing a bit of what I learn with you in future blog posts.

And while I don’t necessarily want it to rain while I’m there, on this occasion I’ll make an exception.

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