More tips for handling this year’s crop


I came across this article recently and thought it offered some additional things to think about as you go about this year’s harvest. According to the experts at DuPont Pioneer, “when corn reaches maturity late in the season, field drydown is slower due to cooler air temperatures.”

They offer these tips:

  • Proper drying procedures are essential. Screen lower-quality grain prior to drying, using a rotary screen, gravity screen or perforated auger housing section.”
  • Drying lower-quality grain lower than usual. Plan to dry lower-quality grain one or two points lower than the normal 14-15% often recommended for long-term storage.”
  • Limit the drying temps. High-temperature drying causes stress cracks in the kernel, which allows more breakage during handling and storage.”
  • Core and level the bin. To minimize storage problems, begin by screen-cleaning grain before binning to remove as much of the fine material, cob pieces and broken kernels as possible. After filling, “core” the bin (remove up to 10% of the total bin capacity) to eliminate broken kernels and fines that accumulate in the center. Next, level the grain in the bin to minimize moisture accumulation at the top of the grain.”
  • Cool it. Finally, cool grain as soon as it’s dry to within 10 degrees of air temperature, and continue to aerate for 10-14 days to ensure the grain moisture “equilibrium” has been achieved.”

Will you need to dry down your corn?

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