Tires Improve to Support Bigger, More Powerful Equipment


As farm equipment grows bigger and more powerful, more care needs to be taken to protect fields and crops. Also, tires themselves need to be stronger and more durable.

Tire manufacturer Michelin is answering this need with its YieldBib line. YieldBib is the first standard-size VF-rated (Very High Flexion) tire on the North American high-horsepower tractor market and comes in four sizes, according to the company.

YieldBib features Michelin Ultraflex Technology, which allows farmers to carry the same load with reduced air pressure of up to 40 percent compared to standard radial-technology tires. YieldBib also has a longer footprint, which means reduced soil compaction and increased yield in the future. Another feature includes R1W lugs and 45-degree lug angle design, which provides better traction and less slippage in all seasons. Better traction also means reduced fuel consumption and higher efficiency. Stubble deflecting lugs and an anti-stubble belt feature in the tread area are specifically designed for stubble resistance, extending the life of the tire.

Specifically for combines, Michelin recommends its CerexBib radial. The Greenville, S.C.-based company said it was responding to customer demand when it created this tire. It is the industry’s first combine-specific radial engineered specifically to deliver high-flexion capabilities while handling the cyclic loading and off-loading required from combines.

Michelin was the first tire manufacturer in North America to offer a radial that met the Tire and Rim Association’s Improved Flexion (IF) classification. Michelin was also the first company to offer two tires that meet the industry group’s classification for VF, meaning they flex up to twice as much as standard tires.

“Michelin designs tires with the end user’s specific application in mind,” says Michael Vandel, marketing segment manager forMichelin North America Agricultural Tires. “We heard from farmers that they needed a tire that delivers improved handling and traction for large harvesting loads with minimal soil compaction. The CerexBib was designed with these operational needs in mind.”

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