Tires ready for harvest?


With the news headlines dominated by current crop conditions, you can bet that all eyes will be on the first harvest reports. Even though it’s the first of August, we’ll be in the heart of harvest before you know it.

We’ll have a slew of articles, comments and reminders about getting ready for this year’s harvest. And when it’s time to go full-bore, you will need to ensure everything is primed and ready. With the likelihood of a short crop, you don’t want machinery issues to be the cause of harvest losses.

And that brings us to tires. There’s a great article about not forgetting tire maintenance. “Tires are often a forgotten component of the combine and grain cart, yet a full hopper of grain on today’s combines can add 16,000 lbs. to the load, resulting in additional stress to the tires and increased compaction to the soil. To ensure optimum performance during harvest, it’s just as important to prepare tires as it is to prepare the equipment.”

The article provides a great run-down on choosing the right tires, in the right combination, choosing the right inflation pressure, and gives additional information on stubble damage.

It’s a great reminder checklist that’s worth a review.

So what are you doing to get ready for harvest?

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