A tool box for your computer


This is definitely something you should store as one of your favorites on your browser.

I am, on a regular basis, swamped with an information overload when it comes to browsing the Internet. The problem, I have found, is that there simply is too much information out there, and if you don’t have a good set of filters, or a steel-trap memory, news and information can get lost. How many people talk about “something I saw on the Internet.” Yet when you ask them to provide where they saw the information, they haven’t a clue where to even start.

Sure, you have Internet search engines. But those too can become cluttered.

And when it comes to farm business decisions, information needs to be immediate and from a reliable source.

Those that put together farmdoc Daily are working on something that could have huge benefits. Called the Farm Bill Toolbox, it is being designed as the one-stop resource for farm program decisions, information and analysis, as well as providing further information regarding the ongoing efforts for the Farm Bill.

“The Farm Bill Toolbox is currently under construction and will remain under construction as the web tools, analysis and other information are being developed.  It currently houses a limited amount of material taken from previous articles and work that remain relevant to this effort and the pending producer decisions.  It will be updated as the tools and materials are developed and become available for public release.  Information and links to the tools will also be available on the FSA website.”

You can read more about the efforts here.

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