Tool Makes Cleaning Hard-to-Reach Filters Easier


Cleaning engine filters is not a top priority on a farm, but it is still worth doing. According to Farm Industry News, a farm equipment air filter, if properly cleaned, can be reused many times before it should be replaced. But with today’s single port type air guns, it can be difficult to properly clean an air filter.

IPA (Innovative Products of America) sells the Air Comb Filter and Radiator Cleaner for cleaning cylinder-style air filters, radiators, condensers and other hard-to-reach components. With this cleaner, users can thoroughly clean cylinder-style air filters, radiators and condensers with the Air Comb’s focused high-pressure output and long-reach 90-degree, multi-port airflow.

It is available in 12, 24, 36 and 48-inch lengths.

According to IPA, a user can “clean radiators, condensers, air filters and much more in just seconds. The air exits . . . from five ports. The result is a thorough and efficient cleaning tool, which will not damage the delicate filter medium.”
Not only does cleaning a filter extend its life, but having clean filters improves fuel efficiency. According to the website Tractor Parts Talk, “A change in the overall engine performance at high RPMs may not be detected, but [a blocked filter] can reduce airflow into the engine, resulting in higher fuel usage as the engine burns more fuel to compensate for lost power. This restriction can also increase the load required on the battery and starter to crank the engine. In a study by ag engineers at the University of Missouri, average tractor power output after filters were replaced increased by 3.5%. Fuel-use savings per tractor on smaller (less than 140 horsepower) tractors was estimated to be 105 gallons per year. Larger tractors would be expected to save proportionately more depending on use.”


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