Tractor buying trends


I’m always interested in reading about the latest trends when it comes to farm machinery. It’s often easy to get stuck in the day-to-day job routines without looking at the big picture…and that’s why reviewing and monitoring trends in the ag machinery business can help give you a leg up in your own business.

Why? Trends can point to product supply and demand. Thinking about replacing a sprayer? If you discover that self-propelled sprayers are the “it” product for next year, it’s probably a good idea to pull the trigger earlier than later.

But trends can also help with used machinery as well. That’s because a lack of supply can boost used equipment prices, and help determine if it’s time to trade-in (and get more value) from your used equipment. It also gives you a little extra incentive to keep that used machinery in good shape to extract as much value as possible out of it during trade-in time.

For more information, check out these machinery buying trends.

So what buying trend is occurring on your farm?