Tractor driving on auto pilot


Another one of my guilty pleasures is being able to operate my son’s remote-control car. It’s nothing fancy and can’t go all that fast, but it does make a neat transformation from a car to a robot – all with a few movements of a joystick.

Of course, you can’t compare a toy car to a high-horsepower farm tractor pulling a loaded grain cart, but the technology of precision robotic operations is coming – and it may be a lot closer than you think.

The folks at Southeast Farm Press recently attended a demonstration of the Kinze Manufacturing Autonomy project, and it’s an eye-opening read as to how precision farming and robotics are changing agriculture. You can also watch video of the demonstration here.

According to the article, “The project is using current precision farming and advanced robotics from a company involved in mining and the defense industry to operate a tractor pulling a grain cart without a human being inside the tractor cab. The autonomous tractor is actually controlled by the operator in the combine cab.”

It’s a great glimpse into the technology that is shaping tomorrow’s agriculture.

What technology do you think will have the most impact on your farm?

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