‘Drives’ Home the Importance of High-Quality Fluids at Sunbelt Ag Expo

Hundreds of attendees at the Sunbelt Ag Expo, held Oct. 15-17, 2012 visited the booth and learned about the importance of using high-quality fluids in tractors and other farm equipment. The event, which was held in Moultrie, GA, has been a premier farm show for more than 35 years. wanted farmers to know that since the first Sunbelt Ag Expo more than three decades ago, farm-equipment maintenance needs have evolved along with farming itself. Just as innovations such as precision-farming systems have made farmers more efficient, improvements to lubricants ensure that modern-day farm machinery runs smoothly throughout its useful life. Using low-grade lubricants that don’t meet machinery-producer specifications is a sure path to oxidation, wear, water contamination, poor cold weather performance and etc.

In fact, visitors to the display viewed real parts and photos that showed how high-performance fluids protect equipment in ways that low-quality lubricants can’t.


To “drive” this point home even further, invited attendees to test drive low-grade lubricants against high-performance lubricants with the Tractor Simulator, which provided a virtual experience on a real tractor. Participants drove through a course using high-performance fluids and were able to pick up lots of bales efficiently. But when they drove the same course using a lower-quality fluid, they noticed they were picking up fewer hay bales due to reduced braking capacity, brake chatter and noise, and reduced steering precision.

But with more low quality fluids popping up on retail shelves every day, it is getting harder for farmers to choose fluids that will provide their tractors optimal protection. offers this advice when selecting fluids:

  • Check your owner’s manual and look for the OEM credential recommended for your specific tractor. Next, find a high quality fluid that lists that credential on its product label. It can be tricky as some lubricant manufacturers will list false or outdated OEM credentials. So it is a good idea to be armed with a list of the current and obsolete OEM credentials, which are provided below. Watch a video to learn more.


Current OEM Credentials



Obsolete OEM Credentials

121525-TractorLife_OEM_AR-2 and its booth at the Sunbelt Ag Expo, Oct 15-17, 2012 was featured on a local news station. Click video above to watch the video.

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Sunbelt attendees take the Hay Baler for a spin to experience the improvement in efficiency and performance of a hay baler using high-quality lubricants versus low-quality lubricants.


The display at the 35th Sunbelt Ag Expo demonstrated the benefit of using high-quality fluids: better equipment performance, higher farm efficiency and longer equipment life; as well as lower maintenance and repair costs.




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