Following the trends on planters and tillage implements


While monitoring day-to-day activities on the farm is a necessary activity all its own, I always encourage folks to take a broader view of the trends that are impacting agriculture.

Trends, for the most part, are slower going, and provide you with ample time to adjust and study these broader activities, and allow you time to determine how these trends might impact your farm.

Machinery is one trend that I am always interested in watching. For me, it helps me get a snapshot of what might be a “hot” item in coming seasons on the farm. For producers, knowing what machinery is in demand could help in determining if it’s time to trade, hold on, or sell certain machinery.

An interesting story over at Farm Industry News noted the trend in tillage and planting equipment, and how last fall’s farm shows were filled with new iron in the category.

“Interviews with manufacturers revealed some common themes in both product categories. Many equipment makers are cautiously optimistic about the market because of speculation about falling corn prices. But they are still riding the wave of a two-year stretch of high machinery sales, still well above the five-year average for tractors and combines, the two product categories tracked by Ag Equipment Manufacturers.”

There’s a great photo gallery of some new equipment available, as well as some interesting insight from some manufacturers. It’s worth a look.

Are you in the market for new tillage or planting equipment?

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