A warm and toasty alternative for those cold mornings


Yes folks, snowflakes have already appeared in some areas of the U.S. That only means one thing: winter will soon be here. For those of us who live in the more northern areas, cold winter mornings mean a lot more than simply a little ice on the windshield. It can mean sub-zero temperatures with a biting, howling wind…all before the sun makes its appearance to “warm” you up.

Sure, heated cabs are nice…but it takes time for them to warm up, and there are certain chores where your body takes the brunt of the cold. I’ve experimented with all kinds of jackets and coveralls over the years, and it seems that when I find some dress combination that works, the favorite jacket usually develops a tear and I’m back to square one.

There may be an alternative: a heated jacket. Yes, Rigid has a heated battery-powered jacket.

There’s a nice review of the jacket. Here’s a sample: “Team FIN received the new product in January when 10-below temps ruled the forecasts. It was a great time for us to test the jacket on our Minnesota farm to see how it performed. Powered by an 18v battery, the jacket has 3 core heating zones including chest, back, and hands. It has 3 heat settings per zone that allows the wearer to adjust core and pocket heating zones independently of each other.”

And, there’s more: “The jacket is compatible with all Ridgid slide pack 18v batteries, and provides up to 18 hours of run time according to the company. In addition to providing heat, the jacket features an integrated USB power port with a 2.1 amp output that can charge phones and other portable electronics in zippered pockets through USB connection. Team FIN found that added ability to charge electronic devices was a handy feature too.”

It might not be something for everyone, but I certainly will be taking a look…before winter comes.

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