Will confusion delay your Tier 4 buying?


An interesting response to a recent post on a Russian Cash for Clunkers program got me thinking. One poster said such a program in the U.S. might spur him to buy, but the interim Tier 4 engine program has him delaying, at least for now, any buying.
To be sure, there’s a lot of confusion about interim Tier 4, including the mouthful of acronyms that are out there. For an excellent recap of all the letter jargon, Jodie Wehrspann, the all-things-tractor guru for Farm Industry News, compiled an excellent video that’s available here.

So what’s your take? How well do you understand the new interim Tier 4 engines, and are you holding off any major purchases until the requirements are finalized?

Honestly, I have a running cheat sheet that I regularly review when writing, or discussing, the interim Tier 4 engines.