Can we really “work” from anywhere?


One part of my job as an agricultural writer/photographer is that I can, in theory, work from any part of the world (given that any part of the world has electricity and reliable Internet access). And now, thanks to smartphone technology, I no longer have to hole up somewhere with wi-fi (hotel lobby, parking lots or coffee shops) and instead can rely on a small handheld device to deliver news articles, send photos or gather research.

It’s not perfect, since there are times in which my driving can look a bit erratic as I search for a strong signal…but it’s a long way from having to drive back to an office, send photos out to get processed, and deliver floppy discs to my editor.

Now I know that most of you don’t have that luxury. Planting and harvest still require a hands-on approach. But think about it for a moment…how many things that you now do on the farm could actually be performed while sitting on a beach somewhere?

How many times a day do you check commodity prices on your smartphone? Or the weather? And driverless tractors are no longer science fiction…they exist today. Sure, the technology hasn’t been brought to the masses, but you can bet it will be here soon.

Just think about how much technology has changed the way we farm, and where and how we perform our daily tasks. Folks, we’ve just scratched the surface.

What remote technology has become an integral part of your operation?

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