Yes, backups are important…no matter what


I’m sure that during harvest season, you have a backup plan in place. If a major piece of machinery goes down, you have some sort of disaster plan in place to either replace or get a quick fix to that equipment so downtime is kept to a minimum. It’s probably not practical for most operators to keep an entire spare set of equipment in the shed just in case, but I’m sure you’ve thought through what you would do if needed.

Well, during these summer days, I’d like to encourage you to think about another backup…your computer data. Think about the months and years of data that’s stored on your computer (or on hard disks next to your computer). That is some valuable stuff, and if it is not backed up, you are one computer failure away from wiping away information that is irreplaceable.

Why do I bring this up now? Well, I just was backing up my data, and the hard drive I used crashed. I don’t know why, or how…nor do I really care. I just need to ensure the data is OK. Thankfully, it is. All my data is duplicated (and in some cases stored in threes).

Computers are great tools, but like any piece of equipment they can fail to operate. And you need a backup to keep your operation running smoothly.

Do you have a backup to your data?

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