Yes, but does it really work in my engine?


Sometimes I worry that I’m too much of a skeptic, especially when it comes to marketing claims. New, improved, can’t live without…you know the claims that companies will scream to get you to buy their products or services.

I was hit with that skepticism yesterday while touring a farm show. I won’t name any names, but a small booth was claiming that their product would do wonders for your engine…so I had to ask. Yes, they had information, but I left with a few more unanswered questions and a “that doesn’t make sense” feeling in my gut.

There are a lot of products out there that make claims to benefit your engine…from improved performance, to longer life, to the “we’ll make an old engine run like new.”

But whenever I review those claims, I look at research that’s been done, the testing (third-party testing), and then I ask friends and colleagues about the product. Because anything I put into my engine, I want to ENSURE it does what it says. Not only from a “don’t waste your money” standpoint, but from the view that perhaps what I’m putting in is really doing long-term harm.

So what claims have you seen recently that were too good to be true? Any fish tales out there?